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Here at Curtain World Low’s blinds, we provide you with different types of window furnishings. We do in-home consultations to ensure that the products we offer are crafted to meet your specific requirements. This means that you get to choose the colour, style and fabric that you prefer. With all the options you can choose from, your new window furnishings will match your home’s interior. We can surely provide you the window furnishings and curtains your Toowoomba home needs. As we provide custom made curtains, rest assured that no two window treatments are exactly alike. This means that you will get unique window treatments for your home that you surely won’t find in other properties. The custom-made curtains will be unique to your Ipswich or Warwick home.

Curtain World Low’s blinds Offers Every Type Of Window Furnishings

Window furnishings do not just enhance the look of your home. It also helps in improving the ambiance, temperature and most especially help control natural light. Curtain World Low’s blinds supplies the highest quality custom window furnishings not just in Toowoomba but also in Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, and nearby areas.

You may be asking why you should have window blinds and curtains custom made when you can just purchase ready-made ones. With custom window furnishings, you can ensure that your home’s unique architecture will be highlighted. Custom curtains are all tailored to complete the design of your home’s interior and give it a timeless look. Aside from that, why should you purchase ready made window treatments when you can take things to the next level with custom made ones?

When you schedule an appointment with us, we consult you on your preferences – from styles, swatches and applications. With our wealth of experience in different types of window furnishings, we pride ourselves in providing you with the superior quality products.

Have Matching Home Décor

Aside from window furnishings and curtains Toowoomba homeowners need, we can also make custom soft furnishings ranging from cushions, cushion covers, pillow cases and quilt covers. With the variety of products that we have on offer, not one décor in your home would look misplaced.

The Process

Curtain World Low’s blinds offer in-home consultation. When we receive a call from you, we will ask you about your specific needs such as the type of window treatments or colours and swatches you are aiming for. As we visit your home, we bring suitable types of fabrics according to the specifications you provided to our team. I will then measure the windows and suggest a style that is suitable with your home’s decor. You won’t have a hard time deciding what to do as we provide you with all the possible window covering options. Once you come up with a final decision, we start manufacturing the window treatments for you. An installation date will then be arranged as soon as the window treatments are ready.

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So what are you waiting for? Call us at 0408 786 785 to make an appointment. With in-home consultations we are offering, rest assured that the curtains for your Toowoomba Lockyer Valley and Ipswich home will be tailored to your exact standards.I

Who are we

We bought Low’s blinds and curtains from Denis and Dawn Low in 2006 as they wanted to retire to the Coast. They had been operating it successfully  since 1978. In Toowoomba  and surrounding  areas. Also shipped blinds and curtains  to Western parts of Qld. 

In 2010 Judy purchased  Curtain World  Gatton from Darryl Eising who was wanting to retire. It had been  running successfully  since 1978 also.

Curtain World Gatton serviced Gatton and the whole of the Lockyer Valley with not only Made to Measure  Blinds Curtains and Shutters but in the shop was a good selection  of fabrics and Manchester.  

Since 2017 Judy has been  running  Curtain World Low’s blinds  from her home as Retail  started to die off she made the decision  to go Mobile. 

She carries all the quality Curtain  Fabrics , Blind swatches  and Shutter  samples you’ll  need to you to make a choice to make your house a home.

Patio door shutters
Curtains installed by Curtain World Gatton
Master Bedroom with silver curtains
Bedroom with blackout curtains